The Michael Manifesto

The Top Ten Things I Focus On

Manifesto:A written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer

High Level Overview

  1. Glorify God First
    1. Money Is Not Your #1 Priority
    2. God has given you a passion, USE IT!
    3. Pick A Fight and be on God’s side
  2. The 20 Minute Rule
    1. Use The Time You Have
    2. Make Time
    3. Be A Task Driven Junkie
    4. Learn To Priortize
    5. Have A Time Sensitive Singular Focus
    6. Do What You Don’t Want To Do
  3. Stop Trying to Be Perfect
    1. Re-define Success
    2. Give It To The World NOW!
    3. Define What Is Good Enough
    4. Prune Like God
    5. Know When To Quit
  4. Be An Above Average Expert At Something Valuable
    1. What Did you Learn Today?
    2. Practice The Hard Stuff
    3. Demonstrate Your Expertise For Free
  5. Preach To Yourself
  6. Practice Make Permanent Not Perfect