Break The Chains

Around midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening. Suddenly, there was a massive earthquake, and the prison was shaken to its foundations. All the doors immediately flew open, and the chains of every prisoner fell off!
Acts 16:25-26

Are You Committed?

As we enter a new year we begin to think about the priorities in our lives. We begin to consider what behavior and activities should or should not take precedence in our daily activities. We start to carefully scrutinize the chains that are binding us. Some people say they are going to break off the chains of unhealthy living by finally starting to exercise and losing weight. Others say they are going to break the chain of a nicotine addiction by quitting smoking. These New Year’s resolutions often start out with vigor and determination, but unfortunately many of us fade in our resolve and we often quit because we don’t possess the commitment to continue to press on towards the mark. The chains are re-tightened and we fall back into a lifestyle that does not glorify God.

God Will Help You

I want to suggest this year that we firmly put God in all of our resolutions. If you want to quit smoking, consult the Lord and ask him to help you break the chain of addiction. Do you need help making it to the gym? If so, cry out to Jesus to give you the commitment to press on. When you make it to the gym begin to praise him. Thank him for getting you started. When you throw away the cigarettes ask the Lord to give you the resolve not to buy another pack. When you feel the urge to smoke began to pray in the Spirit. Trust me God wants to help you.

Thank & Praise God

When I was working towards my graduate degree there were days when I did not feel like studying, but the Lord convicted me because I had prayed that I would be blessed to earn an excellent grade. I thanked him that my job was paying for my tuition. I praised him for giving me the opportunity to further my education. So when I did not feel like studying I was embarrassed before God because he had honored my prayers and received my praise and here I was sitting on my rear-end chained to the television. To break that shackle off of me I had to continue asking God to give me the wherewithal to continue to press towards the mark. I literally had to beg God to help me to continue to run the race. They may try to take prayer out of school, but I am here to tell you they could not stop me because I prayed before every mid-term and final exam right there in my seat. Seek God first in all you do and I promise he will be faithful in everything that glorifies Him.