Stop Trying To Be Perfect!

Nothing Is Perfect

Preaching To Myself

My biggest regret in the endeavor to build Profit Dreamer into a respectable, useful brand was wasting time trying to make things perfect. I am preaching to myself when I say this: Don’t worry about it being perfect,just ship it. I can kick myself for not just pushing my code to production and getting useful,constructive feedback from anyone who used my application.

I Don’t Give 2 Copulations

I had a long list of features that I wanted to add to my app and it was going to take me months, if not years to get it done. I would start and get 25% of it done and then think of some new exciting features.I would then refactor all my code to fit that in. I started in KnockoutJs and spent several months learning that. I then thought AngularJS would be better and re-did it all once again. Of course Angular 2 came out and I started over, and now we are at Angular 8. Through all of this I never had one customer, I never got any viable feedback. I was just wasting time trying to make it perfect so I could release it. I was scared that it would not be not perfect and people would hate it. If you know me this is very anti-Michael because in most situations Michael don’t give 2 copulations (I don’t cuss) about what you think. I had to stop the insanity.

Wash Rinse Repeat

Now I build my code and push it to production on a weekly basis. Sometimes I push it every other day. No longer do I care about making it perfect. I give it to the world and nice people tell what I could do better and trolls tell my why it sucks. I gather all that feedback and I try to make it better. I fix it and then I give it to the world again. Let me be honest I do still care what people think about my brand , but I just don’t let it paralyze the momentum. Something is better than nothing. And in reality most people don’t really give a hoot about what you are doing and won’t even offer you any feedback. So why worry about it. I am now like shampoo: Wash, Rinse and Repeat.